Thank you for visiting "Luxe In Venice". For your safety and convenience, our hotel has the following rules of use.
It may be annoying for you to read, but we want you to read this.

■ Wi-Fi 
 - Wi-Fi is free in our hotel. 
 - Wi-Fi password is "luxe1044"

■ Room Guide
- Please do not bring any items in your room that will cause discomfort to other guests in the room.
① Overall animals, pets such as dogs, cats, birds (Except for visually impaired guide dogs and helper dogs)
② Fire or flammable explosives, gasoline and dangerous goods
③ odor and strong smell
④ Items prohibited to possess under other laws and regulations
- In-room appliances and fixtures can not be used for any purpose other than the specified purpose. All of the furnishings in the room are the property of the hotel and are considered to be stolen when damaged or randomly taken out, resulting in costs.
- Additional bedding costs an additional 500 pesos per set.
(Please note that additional bedding may not be available due to the convenience of the room)
- Shoes and footwear used outdoors are not allowed and should remain by the main door area.

■ Smoking rule 
- Sorry for the smoker, but our hotel is non-smoking in all rooms. 
- If you smoke in your room, 2,000 pesos will be charged for the cost of cleaning the bedding, curtains, wallpaper, etc. and other maintenance.
- If you want to smoke, please use the balcony space.

■ Kitchen use guide 
- Only simple cooking is possible in the room. For next guests. Please do not cook with strong smell such as pork belly, fish, fry, Durian etc. 
 - Please put garbage in garbage bag. and If you have a lot of garbage, drop it to the garbage can in front of the elevator in the basement level. Thanks to your help, our staff will be very happy.
- If you stay longer than one week, you can rent kitchen utensils. The cost of renting kitchen utensils is 500 pesos throughout your stay. 
(Item : Pot 1, frying pan, two bowls, cleaning supplies, etc.)

■ Room cleaning instructions
- Room cleaning will be done once in case of 3 nights, and in case of 2 nights, towels and other fixtures will be replaced. If additional cleaning is required, there will be an extra charge of 300 pesos.
- For your convenience, towels are changed or cleaned daily after 1:00 pm. Rooms will be cleaned at 17:00 if there are no special requests. 
- If you do not want to clean the room, please tell us in advance. (Please inform before 11:00 am)

■ Room service 
In our hotel, we provide the following additional services for your convenience. Services requests are available from 9 am to 8 pm. 
- Price list 
① Full body massage: 500 pesos per hour
② Breakfast: 700 pesos for two
③ kitchen utensil : 500 pesos throughout your stay 
④ extra bedding : 500 pesos for set

■ Contact Us 
If you have any questions or inquiries during your stay, please do not hesitate to contact us below. 
 * Staff also have a family. So please contact the staff from 9 am to 8 pm. Of course, if you have a very urgent need for your safety, you can call Us.

- GLOBE : 0917-835-1004(Korean staff) 
- KakaoTalk: luxemanila

[ LUXE In Venice Luxury Residences ] 
McKinley Hill is heaven for foodies. Check how many restaurants around the LUXE!
- Price : ₱3,000 per night
- Reservations : +632-865-1508 (Maribel)

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